I am so proud to serve another 4 years as your Carroll County Commissioner. Thank you all for your support with 12,136 votes tonight! You all are great supporters.
Continuing on with no personal agenda, serving you, the constituents.

Stephen Wantz, Commissioner
Stephen Wantz, Commissioner

Official Contact Information:

Website: http://ccgovernment.carr.org/ccg/commiss/District1.aspx

Email: swantz@carrollcountymd.gov

Carroll County Office Building
225 North Center Street
Westminster, Maryland 21157

Phone: 410-386-2043

Fax: 410-386-2485

A Post [Primary] Election Message from the Commissioner-Elect:

(This is lengthy, but I appreciate these few minutes of your time!)

Well District 1, you are going to get your consistency in leadership! I can not thank the constituents of my district enough, for supporting my campaign and re-electing me as your representative as County Commissioner. This election was absolutely critical for our future. It is humbling, and exciting for myself and for the county. The people of Carroll County have spoken loud and clear as evidenced by the votes, that my vision for Carroll County is what they want as well. You sent a clear message. This was a fight worth fighting, for the future of Carroll County.

What an honor it will be to continue to represent the county, in my District, and across the county. This is not just a victory for me and my family and team, but a victory for the future of Carroll County, and anyone who wants committed, conservative, government with open communication. Thanks to everyone who gave of their time, their money, and their voice, to make sure this district is well represented. I am so ready to continue to work for all of you!

There was so much at stake in this election for District 1, and so much to protect. I spent my whole campaign getting out there talking to the folks who make up District 1, and all over the county, including the county government, school system, business leaders, and small-town leaders. Our large workforce needs to be valued and listened to, as they are the experts at their jobs.

My wife Kathy, and daughters Elizabeth and Ashley have worked tirelessly for this team. I don’t even know where I would be without them. We endured a lot of personal attacks as a family, but we remained strong, stayed positive, and did not run an attack campaign. I ran on my own merits and record, and we came out on the other side as a winning team.
This has been a long journey for all of us. I have been supported by organizations made up of the teachers and staff of CCPS, many law enforcement officers, and also by firefighters and many Carroll countians. They were categorized by the incumbents camp, as well as some other Republican leaders, as union-backed, and billed as corrupt, and that is a ridiculous description of these groups of hard-working individuals, who love this county as much as I do. We were called some unspeakable names, some of which should not even be repeated. This group of individuals came together, I believe, because I have no personal or political agenda, only a vision for Carroll County, and they understand the issues at hand.

For 42 years I have been a proven leader in many roles in this county, working hard and dedicating myself as a public servant. My goal is to protect Carroll County and offer leadership to move us forward with a New Vision, New Direction, while we Protect Carroll’s future. I said from the beginning that the people who were helping me were a team, Team Wantz to be exact, and they have been a tremendously supportive group of family, friends, business people, and supporters who made sure we reached our goal in this election.

I am proud that I have supported those in the community and have the right vision for the folks who live, work, play and pay taxes here. I spent my whole life in this county and believe there is much to protect and preserve, things that matter to all of us.

I am so proud of the work, behind the scenes and in front of the scenes that everyone put into this campaign. The leadership you voted for, to move forward in 2018, will take us to great places. There is too much work to be done to continue to let this county be sidetracked by political and personal agendas. If you have followed my campaign or my website, you know what I stand for and what I support. There is so much to preserve, and protect, and improve. Let’s do the real work, fight the local fight, fulfilling the core responsibilities of the office of County Commissioner, communicate with each other, and protect this county’s future for generations to come. I am ready to get to work! Off we go.

Thanks again everyone,